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No Limits Goal Setting Affiliate Program

Supplement your Monthly Income

The No Limits Goal Setting affiliate program offers you an opportunity to earn long-term residual income.

Earn 50% on all eBook sales made through your promotional efforts!

Note: This is not a get-rich-quick deal, but it is a way to nicely supplement your income if you work hard and promote consistently.

3 reasons to affiliate with No Limits Goal Setting:

Bullet point  It's all FREE! No registration fees. No required purchases on your part. 100% FREE.
Bullet point   Your commissions will be transmitted to your account IN REAL TIME. All you need to do is open your FREE account with ClickBank (explained below), set up your link as shown below, and start advertising your link on your website and in your newsletters and e-mail signature files.
Bullet point  ClickBank will send you a cheque every two weeks, just like clockwork.

Look at the chart below for the potential earnings you could make with No Limits Goal Setting, which sells for $19.97 and for which you'll earn $8.77 per sale:

1 sale$8.77$61.39$266.75$3,201
2 sales$17.54$122.78$533.50$6,402
3 sales$26.31$184.17$800.25$9,603
4 sales$35.08$245.56$1,067.00$12,804
5 sales$43.85$306.95$1,333.75$16,005

Every 2 weeks ClickBank will send you a commission cheque for the sales you've made. They'll also send you an e-mail every time a sale is made from one of your links or adverts or signature file links. And you can log on to your ClickBank account and view your real-time stats 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We don't make any guarantees about how much you'll earn, though we do promise to pay you 50% of the retail price (less the ClickBank charges we pay) on every sale.

The whole deal is really quite easy:
You advertise and promote your link to No Limits Goal Setting, we'll take care of everything else:

Bullet point  We'll communicate with the customer
Bullet point  We'll answer all customer questions
Bullet point  We'll fill the orders
Bullet point  We'll deal with any problems

All you need to do is promote your link and bank your cheques!

Additionally, we'll provide you with banner adverts and other suggestions to help you promote No Limits Goal Setting.

Ready to begin earning money?

If you haven't already got a ClickBank account, now is the ideal time to set up an account.

To start supplementing your income by selling No Limits Goal Setting, all you need is a free ClickBank name which comes with your free reseller account.

Just follow the three simple steps below, and you'll be ready to start selling in a matter of minutes.

Bullet point   Click here to sign up with ClickBank for a FREE account. Registering will take less than five minutes.
Bullet point  Once you have your account, ClickBank will link you to a page where you can generate your html affiliate code, which will look something like this:
Bullet point  For example, if your ClickBank nickname is fred, your link to sell No Limits Goal Setting will look like this:

Once you have your account set up with ClickBank, click here for the marketing materials that have been developed for our affiliates.

We will NOT give out the name or e-mail address of customers purchasing their eBooks through your unique link. This information is safe with us and will be kept in strict confidence.

Do you live outside the United States?

The No Limits Goal Setting affiliate program is open to anybody living anywhere in the world, so long as they have Internet access. ClickBank will mail you a cheque in U.S. dollars for your commissions every two weeks at the address you indicate. However, realise that you are responsible for paying your own taxes as defined in your own country. Also understand that we do not have any knowledge about your postal service or about processing a cheque written in U.S. dollars in your country. If you need this sort of information, you need to speak with your bank or other authority.

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